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Estate Planning

Many of us do not like to think about death or disability but setting up an estate plan is an important part of protecting yourself and your loved ones. An estate plan can protect your rights and can “speak for you” when you unable to because of death or disability. An estate plan can also protect your family by helping to provide for them when you are not able to because of death or disability. In an estate plan you can decide in an advance who you would want to take care of your minor children, what you want to happen if you were unable to make medical decisions for yourself, who you would want to be in charge of your person/finances if you were disabled, give specific gifts to loved ones, and many more important decisions that need to be made before death or disability occurs.

Common types of estate planning documents are: Wills, Trusts, Medical Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians, Disposition of Remains, Guardian Self-Declaration, and HIPAA. For more information about which estate planning documents would help protect you and your loved ones call the McDougal Law Firm at 972-432-6380.